Its Not Over…..

Well, yes of course Shaun T LIVE Fayetteville 2013 has past, but really

Its Not Over!!!

There are still lots of things that you can be involved in.

Would you like Shaun T to come back to Fayetteville

Like our Facebook Page Bring Shaun T Back To Fayetteville

Yes, that is right, we have a Facebook Page dedicated to bringing Shaun T Back to Fayetteville, and when we get 800 likes on that page, we will begin the process to bring Shaun T back for another Shaun T LIVE Fayetteville event

Join Fayetteville Fit Groups

Fayetteville Fit Groups is a Community Outreach Program that is working in the Fayetteville Community to support and promote health and fitness. Come and join us for free group workouts and be a part of our future events.

Join a Challenge Group

Challenge groups are a unique way to have both freedom of schedule and group support all at the same time. Do your workouts at home, and connect with your group online to give and receive encouragement and support in meeting your goals.

Photos and Videos From Shaun T LIVE Fayetteville

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